Hypnosis & Life Coaching


What do you know about hypnosis?  It's a relaxed state of focus and attention.  It can help you achieve your personal goals such as: weight reduction, smoking cessation, manage stress, more confidence, better memory, improve focus and concentration, overcome procrastination, sports improvement and a lot more.  Free your mind!

Many times I find that people may not know the benefits to Hypnosis and Life Coaching sessions, but they may have heard that one person or another they know has found it to be beneficial.  I am an expert in stress management and anxiety, which may manifest itself in many ways like smoking, poor sleep, weight gain and more.  If you are looking to change your present habits to find a healthier lifestyle, one that suits you and where you feel good, please contact me and I will answer all your questions.

We offer hypnosis sessions and life coaching sessions in person or via Zoom video chat.  GROUP classes such as:  Smoking Cessation, Parent/Teen Mindfulness, Mommy (Daddy) and Me are Stress Free and Visualization are held at our Main Street location.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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What is a RELAXATION ROOM? It's a private space to come back to a relaxed state of mind.



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Life coaching is a long-term partnership where you plan and achieve goals.



Free 10-minute hands-on healing

Completely complimentary and focused on divine love


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