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May 30 & June 2

Starts July 28, 2022

Please Note:

At this time, we are not accepting new one-on-one clients after May 31, 2022. The estimated date to resume one-on-one sessions online and in person is September 2022. To be added to our waiting list, please go to our contact page.

Hypnosis & Mindset Coaching

What would you do if you had more self confidence?  How good would it feel to have more control over your chronic pain?  What would it feel like to feel in control of your weight? How fun would life be if you didn’t worry about everything?  Or you could take a few strokes off your golf game?

Well, you can.

I know you’ve heard it before…change your mind and change your life.  Of course it’s true but most of you just don’t know how.  I struggled with anxiety.  Fear and worry dominated my thoughts.  And limited my actions.

Years ago I began to take control of my life.

Now I want to help you discover just how easy it can be.  Imagine how good it will feel to feel good again.


Stress Management

Stress! We all have it! You can’t eliminate stress from your life totally. You can reduce stress and learn techniques to help you cope and react differently to the stress …