Success Coaching



Everyone has his or her own definition of success, and as a success coach, I focus on your goals:  business, academic, athletic, personal or careers.

As a Success Coach, I help clients form strategies to achieve what each client defines as success. For example, one client might want help overcoming burnout, while another might want help taking risks necessary to bring in more business.

My clients typically want specific, external returns on investment. When working with a client who wants academic success, we might talk about developing effective study habits and focusing on academic strengths in order to help the student reach a certain grade point average.

Relationships might be an issue for a particular client.   He or she might want to focus on building new relationships or enjoying the ones he or she already has.

A success coach can also help a client adapt to overwhelming success that is already being achieved.  For example, a young entrepreneur with a fast-growing new business might need help to overcome self-doubts and manage his business with confidence and balance.

Clients who have a small business might want to take their business to the next level.  When working with a client who owns their own business, we might focus on priorities, organization or advancing technology skills and knowledge, so as to take them where they want to go.

While success is personal, success coaching gets the client from where they currently are to where they want to go.

My name is Tina Pineiro and I am a Success Coach.    Are you ready to make positive changes, but need some assistance to fully realize your personal goals?  Then you can apply to work with me to pursue the success you desire.  My programs focus on motivation,  accountability, empowerment, independence, self-reliance and life-long skills to utilize to achieve goals.

Gain Independence.  Feel Empowered to Achieve.

How would you benefit from more self-confidence, a more positive outlook on life, stopping the smoking habit, losing weight (so you feel good!) or learning to better manage your stress? My job is to teach you to use those tools so that you can pursue the life of your dreams.  My programs are about independence and developing real life skills to use for the future....YOUR future! Stress, worry, smoking, weight and other issues will arise during our lives.  How we react and what we do will determine our life experience.  Learn to use your personal power to get the life of your dreams.


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