Success Coaching


My name is Tina Pineiro and I am a Hypnotist, Instructor and Coach.    There are so many Hypnosis, Coaching, EFT and Hands-on Healing...that we can use for a better life experience.  Are there areas of your life that could use some improvement?  Are you ready to make positive changes, but need some assistance?

How would you benefit from more self-confidence, a more positive outlook on life, stopping the smoking habit, losing weight (so you feel good!) or learning to better manage your stress? My job is to teach you to use those tools so that you can pursue the life of your dreams.  My programs are about independence and developing real life skills to use for the future....YOUR future! Stress, worry, smoking, weight and other issues will arise during our lives.  How we react and what we do will determine our life experience.  Learn to use your personal power to get the life of your dreams.

Why would you want to be your best?  You have one do you want to dread the experience or love it?  As a young Mom, I had panic and anxiety attacks and it changed my quality of life.  I know the difference between a positive or negative experience....and how to get what you want.  One thing I learned is that YOU are in control of your life experience.  Why not make it fabulous?!

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