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Good Habits vs. Bad

Bad habits.  We all have them.  Most of the time we can change it by ourselves.  Sometimes, we need a little assistance.  Nothing wrong with that.

What are some examples of good habits?  Brushing your teeth, going to bed at a regular time and getting at least eight hours of sleep, reading a bedtime story to your children, eating well, exercising regularly.  These are just a few simple examples for illustration.

What are some examples of bad habits?  Staying up all night watching tv and not getting rest, not studying for a test, arriving late to events/school/work, smoking, to name a few.

Families are busy.  There is soccer practice, dance, theater, book clubs and so many other obligations in addition to school.  Parents work a lot, try to balance work and home life and are very tired.  So….establishing good habits will benefit you, your child and the future of your family.  You can get creative about finding a way to incorporate them into your life.  What’s the benefit?  Peace, less stress, feeling good, etc….

We get only one opportunity to raise our children.  We get only one opportunity for our life.  Sometimes it may not seem like a priority, but take the time to establish those good habits for yourself and for your kids.

Exercise.  Eat right.  Take time to talk.  De-stress.  Be good to yourself.  Be good to someone else.  Treat others with love and respect.  Go for a walk together.   Color.  Dance.  Laugh.  Be happy.

The best way to start new, better habits is with visualization.  Visualize yourself with the new, healthier, better habit.  Think about this every day, as much as you can.  If you can, try to make it like a movie…an impression…and let good feelings happen when you see or sense it.  Open your thoughts up to the change in habits that will make you better than you were yesterday.

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