Live Life After Smoking

Often when clients come into my office, they are concerned with eating more or gaining weight once they quit. We can give suggestions to eat healthy, but you should also be thinking in terms of healthy eating all the time. Take advantage of the many healthful benefits of smoking cessation.

The smoking habit actually dulls the taste of your food! Scientists found that the taste buds of smokers were actually flatter than those of non-smokers. So once you quit smoking and your food tastes better, you may enjoy the experience more. It is wise to have lots of fresh-tasting, healthy treats in your kitchen to prepare for meals and to snack on. When you have decided to end the unhealthy smoking habit, you likely will have a renewed desire to pursue healthier habits. Smoking cessation brings about a lifestyle change that can have ripple effects.

Exercise is another wonderful benefit. Now that you breathe easier and are less out of breath when climbing the stairs, it’s time to walk more. Enjoy the time with a friend or family member…or just enjoy nature. Anything that you like to do that’s moving around is exercise. You don’t necessarily have to workout in a gym. You can dance, play with the kids or grandchildren, talk the dog for a walk…or walk the dog for your neighbor. Last week at a fair I saw a cat on a leash….so….just walk!

Drink more water! There are so many benefits to hydrating and drinking more water. It flushes out toxins, improves your skin, maintains regularity, boosts the immune system and the list goes on. Now that you are getting rid of the smoke toxins, drink water and give your body some extra assistance.

Practice mindfulness and meditation or self-hypnosis. What better way to deal with any stress that comes your way than by preparing ahead?   Mindfulness, meditation or self-hypnosis on a regular basis has a lot of benefits, but one important one is to decrease stress. You can better handle any stress that comes your way by using this regular practice and that will make you far less likely to reach for that old habit!

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