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The Message Of Nature

Hey, Mother Nature, I hear you loud and clear. I know you’ve been talking to me…yet I haven’t paid attention. I know you are talking to many others, too.

I went outside to see my raspberries yesterday. Many years ago, more than ten years, I bought a stick in a plastic bag that looked dead. In my infinite wisdom, I planted it at the very back of my yard…completely out of reach of the hose. No, I didn’t get another hose. I carried buckets of water to water it. Why? I don’t really know, but it seems so silly now. When they started to grow…they grew everywhere. Now the raspberries are along the back fence of the property and grow taller than the fence. It even grows in the lawn.

As I looked at the raspberries starting to grow, I recalled all the years I had baskets full of raspberries to enjoy. You wouldn’t even believe it, but I go outside every day in July to get a basket full. At first, there are only a few, but then quickly there is an abundance of the sweetest fruit ever. I make pies, jam, Linzer tarts and many other delicious baked goods, but I eat a great deal of them raw.

I wish it was all year through. But this only happens in July. For a limited time ONLY…for a season.

For a season. Our life has seasons. Sometimes we are too busy, too anxious, too fearful, too worried…to enjoy each season in life. We worry about our kids, our looks, our age, our status, our bank account. We worry if we will eat if we lose our job…even though we have a job, if someone sees us doing something, if we don’t give enough at church, if someone has something better than us, if we can pay our bills, about love. Some people have even bigger worries. In all that worry, fear, anxiety and rushing, we forget about the beauty of the season. Often we appreciate it more when it is gone.

What if I worried about something and missed the abundance of raspberries in July? I may not notice that something is missing…I might not notice that I didn’t have any raspberries. But then I would have missed something I enjoy….a simple pleasure…something that I also use to bring others joy…a small thing, but a joy in life for me. What if I made “worry” more of a habit than enjoying my life this season. Then my life would have more worried moments than joyful ones.

Accidentally my husband cut back the raspberries at the wrong time of year and last year I had no raspberries. None. How much do you think I am anticipating their arrival this year? I bet I make the most of that particular season. My mind is full of ways in which to use them and share them.

Thanks, Mother Nature, for the gift of no raspberries last year.

You know what I’m going to ask….are YOU enjoying this particular season of your life? Don’t wait. It’s a limited time ONLY.

Maybe it’s time to appreciate your life right where you are….

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