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It has been proven scientifically that there is a mind/body connection. Quite often hypnosis can be helpful for pain management.

This service requires a doctor’s approval and written consent saying that there are no contraindications. Hypnosis is not used as a substitute for good medical care. It is offered as a complement to help you manage.

How Pain Management Hypnosis Helps

Hypnosis can help you to be in control of the pain. Hypnosis can help you by decreasing the stress caused by the chronic pain, helping you to decrease the pain level and have more control,

About the Mind/Body Connection

The mind/body connection is powerful. Our brain controls all of our body functions including pain. But it’s not just your imagination! Our brain sends out useful pain messages when there is a threat. If you touched something hot, your brain would send a pain message to let you know to move your hand.

Hypnosis vs. Self-Hypnosis

You can choose to work with a hypnotist or have the hypnotist teach you to use self-hypnosis. When you work with a hypnotist, especially the first time, you understand the process and can ask questions for clarification. The hypnotist is trained to guide you with their words and then give you suggestions for managing your pain and relieving your stress.

Self-hypnosis lets you be the guide. Especially when it comes to managing pain, you get better as you learn to use your mind to achieve the results you want. It is so important to learn and use this skill. You feel so empowered when you are able to control the outcome.

Pain and Stress

Chronic pain can leave people to feel vulnerable and desperate. As they seek answers, each time they fail to find relief, their feelings of helplessness, stress and worry grow alongside the pain.

pain management hypnosis

If you are experiencing chronic pain and you haven’t gotten any relief, you can learn self-hypnosis and decrease your stress levels related to your pain. We can show you how during your appointment and you can have a proven strategy for pain.

Our Pain Management Hypnosis appointments require your doctor’s approval. In order for us to schedule your appointment, you will need a note indicating that there are no contraindications.

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