About Tina

Hi, I’m Tina

My name is Tina and I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Instructor and Coach. I work with clients who want to improve their life experience and move closer to their personal best. Many years ago I got control of my stress and anxiety. Since then, I haven’t had a panic attack and I’ve helped others conquer personal challenges too.

For the past 13 years, I have enjoyed working with people to achieve their personal goals.  You can do anything you set your mind to and hypnosis and life coaching can help you get there.

After a particularly difficult time with anxiety and anxiety-related issues (in my late twenties), I used hypnosis to help me move forward in life. Since I spent time needlessly feeling bad, I sought to learn hypnosis as a way of helping others move past the negative and move towards feeling good and enjoying my life to the fullest.  Since then, I have been using it…first for personal goals for myself and then for my clients.

Stress doesn’t just show up in the form of anxiety, but it can show up in your life in the form of smoking, weight issues, sleep issues and more.  In addition to hypnosis sessions for stress and anxiety, I teach EFT (the emotional freedom technique).  Learning to cope with life challenges starts with forming good habits today.

But hypnosis is MORE than just helping me cope with stress and anxiety-related symptoms…it is absolutely the best tool I have for achieving any goals in my life and the lives of my clients.  Working with the way you think and your old, antiquated beliefs and habits is the first step to achieving your goals or ridding yourself of something (like a habit) that no longer serves you.  Hypnosis works by getting those positive messages to your subconscious mind.  So it is a great starting point to roadblocks to your success.

Coaching helped me learn a great deal more about my clients and even myself.  As challenges arise, I find that my coaching clients are better able to handle them the more we work together.  Their thoughts are more positive and often more goal-oriented.  I can see a big difference in them as they learn to navigate life more prepared.

I welcome you to come meet me and ask any questions you may have.   Give me a call so I can arrange a free, no-obligation talk with you.  Ask anything you would like.  Come have a cup of tea or coffee.  It will be my pleasure!

Talk to me by calling (570) 352-3048.