The Benefits of Hugging

Today is Tuesday, January 21, 2020 and it’s National Hug Day! Time to let the people you care about get a little extra love from you! Hugging feels so good…it’s something we do when we’ve missed people, when we celebrate their presence in our lives…or what someone else does for us to make us feel better! Oh….the many reasons for hugs! I couldn’t list them all!

You may (or may not) be surprised at the benefits of hugging. And you may or may not be surprised at the scientific reason we love our hugs. Hugging relieves stress and naturally makes you calmer. Some studies have shown that hugging actually lowers blood pressure…a very good thing for people who experience high blood pressure. Know anyone with high blood pressure? Hug away people!

Here’s another reason to lay those hugs on your loved ones. Studies have proven hugs to actually strengthen immune health! The study found that, even in times of stress, the people who received frequent hugs got sick less often and experienced lessened symptoms and quicker recovery time when they actually did get sick.

Think hugs are important in long-term relationships? Well, hugging might seem less important when you are married for some time and you’re going through daily life. But it’s much more important than you think! During a study, psychologists at England’s University of Hertfordshire asked 500 couples to identify their favorite sleeping positions. Many of them said they were either spooning or touching during sleep. Of the 1000 participants, 94% of them who touched during sleep said they had deeper feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction. The 68% who didn’t touch admitted to being unsatisfied in their relationships. Anyone feeling the incredible power of touch?

Biologically, hugs increase the level of the hormone oxytocin.  Oxytocin makes you feel calmer and less anxious normally. When your body produces cortisol during stressful times (fight or flight response), oxytocin NATURALLY reduces cortisol. So it’s a natural stress reliever (like hypnosis?)! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. So get and give hugs regularly!

If you have ever come into my office, it is highly likely you were hugged! You can take advantage of today and HUG, HUG, HUG! (*Hey, sending you a virtual HUG too!*) But why not try it out all the time? Need a hug? Ask! See your child or spouse experiencing some stress? Give them a big hug! Bet you it makes a world of difference today and every day!

I hope to see some comments about your experiences with hugging!

Where’s the Magic?

You’ve always loved magic. As a kid you were fascinated and watched everything that came across your path. You visited the local shop and bought some little tricks anytime you had the opportunity.

On your trip to Las Vegas for a special birthday, your friend surprises you with tickets to Criss Angel Mindfreak and you are on a cloud. Even though you are an adult, you are still fascinated and can’t wait to see the show.

Is magic real? Are those entertainers magical people with special gifts and talents that are far beyond those of mortal men and women? As an adult, you understand the “magic” but you allow yourself to be amazed at the show. You know these are elaborate tricks that are set up to entertain you, but still a small part of you may even want to think that it’s real.

Is hypnosis real? That’s a question I get often. Yes, but sometimes people expect magic and a magician. Although I am trained and can even cross over into somewhat entertaining if the situation called for it, I am not a magician by any means. And hypnosis is NOT magic either. It is a real state experienced by people every day. Often it helps the people sitting in my chair to think of it in terms of being magical. I explain it and that choice is up to them.

In terms of magic…people often want a magic pill that they swallow and it makes everything work…like dissolving 50 pounds or making you quit smoking instantly. They want it to happen yesterday and so magic is appealing, but not very realistic. To me, anything that creates a space for us to feel better and helps us to pursue our goals, or eat better or stop destructive habits can be thought of as “magical.”

But even that “magic” comes with action steps. They must make the effort to come, to go to complete a session, to open their minds to new possibilities, to listen to the recording they receive after the initial visit. They must want the “change” or growth to take place and believe that their life can be different in the way they want. They must be committed to their goal and take action steps toward the goal. Listening to a recording with the appropriate information based on their current mindset and the goals they want to achieve, helps them to attain those goals. The recording and the session often replaces their negative recordings in their mind or helps with outdated and antiquated beliefs to allow for the opportunity for change. Still not magic, but a good tool to help them get where they want to go!

A very nice woman came to my office expecting such magic. She expected something to happen, but she didn’t know exactly what. She was surprised by the simplicity, but wasn’t yet up to the effectiveness part. I can assure you that magic happens, but hypnosis is not magic. I am no magician. I’m funny, silly and have a corny sense of humor. I am an awesome teacher and good coach, but I am not a magician.

Time and time again, the expectation is there from the things they see on TV and in the movies. And time and time again, I explain that it is a show and, therefore, they take liberties and they entertain. You may not see things that happen…or the subjects involved are excited to be a part of a show, but it is NOT magic. And the hypnotists on stage and in movies are not magicians. I know some of them personally. Some of them aren’t even as funny as me, lol.

So where’s the magic? How does it happen? How does change take place that otherwise may not occur without it? Gladly I explain in my sessions and on the phone how it allows…or assists you to make changes. How the mind works isn’t really magic either, although it can be fascinating and rather complex.

The magic is actually…YOU. The magic is your anticipation and expectation. The magic is your hope of new things. The magic, for hypnosis, is bringing out your your spark, your potential….or at least a piece. The magic is allowing a space where you believe and then pursue a vision of you that is different from your current perception. My job is bringing out your best. My tools include hypnosis. But the real magic is fulfilling the purpose your Creator has for you. My purpose is helping you find your magic. And the magic happens when you get to make a change that opens up a whole new world to you!

Hypnosis IS not magic, but it reaches the magic in you.

Winter Walking in NEPA

Winter doesn’t really motivate me to walk outside. It motivates me to warm up my car from the kitchen and then get in it. I may even think momentarily about how it feels to be in Florida. But no…walking in the cold never crosses my mind.

Walking is great exercise for the body. But it’s also great for the mind…and a great stress reliever. So what do you do if you love to walk, but you don’t really enjoy the cold? How about walking IN your home?

I found this great walking exercise program on YouTube. I was looking for videos that were low impact. All the other videos really seemed to be too much for me since my operation. So I needed some form of walking exercise for the days I couldn’t or didn’t want to go outside. It can rain a lot here too!

So I’m issuing a WINTER WALK CHALLENGE to everyone who lives here. Don’t do without your walks. Walk inside. Visit the website and do the video every day. Walk, exercise and feel good. And…you might even get to like the characters on the video. I know I do.

Walking in winter will keep you moving and feeling good.

Take Action: Be a Non-Smoker

Other ways to support your choice to quit smoking:

  • MAKE IT OFFICIAL:  Set a public deadline for your new goal.  If you made an appointment,  share the event with your loved ones, friends and coworkers.  Allow them to support and encourage you.
  • MAKE IT INCONVENIENT:  Change the habits that are attached to your smoking habit.  If you smoke the most in your car, make it inconvenient and take away the perceived pleasure by putting the cigarettes in the trunk.  And leave your lighter home.
  • MAKE IT A BONDING EXPERIENCE:  Challenge someone else to pursue a healthier life by quitting with you.  Support one another and find better ways in which to spend your time.  Hike.  Fish.  Take a walk.  Tell everyone how you quit together!

Ready to QUIT FOR GOOD?  Take the first step today.

Begin Your Journey Here

Every journey has a beginning. Where does your journey to become a QUITTER begin?

Being a quitter is usually thought of negativity. Not here! We celebrate it!

Below you will find a positive affirmations exercise.  On your journey to becoming a non-smoker, this is a wonderful start.  Begin to think in ways that will help you achieve your goals.  Becoming a non-smoker will take a little effort, but the rewards are great.  

Say these positive affirmations out loud to yourself.  Write them down and post them where you will see them daily.  You can even record them on your phone and listen.  Use them daily.


Statements you make to “yourself” and/or your beliefs and perceptions are responsible for how you “think.”  If you think quitting is impossible, your subconscious mind will make sure that happens.

But what about choosing to think the opposite of that negative statement?  What if you CHOOSE to think in other ways?  What if you choose to think that it IS possible?  What if you think it WILL happen?  Then your are telling your subconscious mind that there is something new for it to do.

Positive affirmations are merely statements you read or hear recorded that program your mind to think in new, positive ways.

Exercise:  Use the following positive affirmations daily until your quit date.

  • I am ready to make healthier choices for my body and mind.
  • As of today, I am ready to engage in habits that support my well-being.
  • I shall breathe only healthy and smoke-free air.
  • I will care for and respect my body and release unhealthy habits.
  • As a non-smoker, I will breathe easier.
  • As a non-smoker, I will enjoy a better self image.
  • As a non-smoker, I will save $____ every month. (calculate and fill in the blank)
  • I am ready to take action steps to become a non-smoker.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  Napoleon Hill

What will you do next?  

Smoking & Visualization


Image or visualize yourself being free of smoking for good!  This is another exercise that helps you in achieving your goals.

What is visualization?

Visualization is simply a mental rehearsal. You create images in your mind of having or doing whatever it is that you want. You then repeat these images over and over again, daily for about five minutes a day. In your five-minute practice, use your imagination to see yourself being successful in whatever goal you may have.

Exercise:  Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes.  Take three, slow deep breaths.  Imagine or visualize yourself relaxing deeper.

You begin to think of all the benefits you will enjoy as a non-smoker…FINALLY FREE of the smoking habit.  

Imagine the benefits you will enjoy when you are free of the habit. Visualize the benefits of your life as a non-smoker.  Think about saving money and what you can do with that money.   Think about how you will physically feel when you’re free. Do this daily for up to three weeks.

When you are ready, simply open your eyes.  Do this exercise a few minutes per day.

What is Coaching?

What, exactly, is a coach? It is a person who helps you to achieve your personal successes. That sounds like just a marketing line, but it isn’t. The Coach has to have a desire to help others combined with the ability to guide, teach, motivate and inspire the client. The Coach uses many techniques to help empower the client with positive thinking, information, new thoughts, clarity and focus. He or she takes the client’s view of success and helps move them in the direction of attaining small goals that lead them to the feeling of success and fulfillment of desires.

The benefits of working with a Coach are:

  • You will likely reach your goals sooner
  • You have the benefit of the coach’s expertise and abilities that help you develop as a person
  • The coach can help you identify and rid yourself of limiting beliefs
  • The coach can keep you on track
  • The coach can help you to set goals and achieve them
  • The coach can inspire and motivate you during “low” periods
  • The partnership holds you accountable
  • You have someone to celebrate successes and bring clarity to challenges

That is just a short list. The partnership of coach and client ranges with the participants. I can say that the list of benefits is much larger when two people come together with a common goal.

As a Coach, I help men and women find and pursue their personal passion, so that they actually want to wake up and feel like they are living the life of purpose and direction. If you’ve dreamed of a better job, having a great relationship, being a great public speaker, losing weight, becoming fit or anything else, it is all within your reach. Whatever your goals, we can help you attain success.

Ready to take control of your life? Contact us or call us at 570 352 3048 today!

Procrastination and Smoking

Procrastinating even though you know it’s best for you? You are not alone.

Two Harvard professors in 2006 began to study procrastination, even when we know the outcome will be so much better for us.

So, Todd Rogers and Max Bazerman conducted a study where participants were asked to agree to enroll in a savings plan that automatically placed two percent of their paycheck in a savings account.

Nearly every participant agreed that saving money was a good idea, but their responses contradicted that when asked to contribute immediately.

One group of participants was asked to enroll in the savings plan immediately. In this scenario, only 30 percent of people said they would agree to enroll in the plan.

Another group of participants were asked to enroll in a savings plan in the distant future, perhaps a year. In this scenario, 77 percent of people said they would agree to enroll in the plan.  Why did more people agree to it in the future?

Why We Procrastinate: Pain vs. Pleasure

Humans like to enjoy immediate benefits in the present, especially if the costs of our choices don’t become apparent until far into the future.

Examples: The immediate pleasure of eating that giant piece of chocolate cake and the cost of ditching your workouts won’t show up until you’ve skipped for months.

The immediate pleasure of spending money on that new item you want and the cost of forgetting to save for retirement won’t show up until much later.

When we think about these issues in the distant future, our choices change.  In a year, would you rather be overweight and out of shape or eating right, skipping sugar and feeling energetic and healthy?  The same applies to smoking!

The Answer to Your Procrastination about Smoking Cessation

So, what can you do if you want to quit, but find yourself procrastinating?

Make the rewards of long-term behavior more immediate.

We procrastinate because we want that immediate benefit and pleasure. If you can find a way to make the benefits of good long-term choices more immediate, then it becomes easier to avoid procrastination.

Ready to begin on the journey to becoming a non-smoker?

2020 Hypnosis Class

2020 Class Schedule

The ten days of training are broken into two five-day segments.  Select the 10 day period that suits your schedule.  2020 Classes are listed below.

January 11- 15 and 25-29

April 6-10 and April 13-17

July 11-12, 18-19, 25-26, Aug 1-2, 8-9

(Weekend classes)

June 22-26 and June 29 to July 3

October 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31

What Is Hypnosis Certification?

Some professional associations and trade groups self-monitor and evaluate the hypnosis industry.  Some examples are:  The National Guild of Hypnotists and The Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations.

These governing agencies set baselines for what it takes for someone to practice hypnosis.   To earn a certification, you must meet these basic guidelines (which is about 100 hours or more of coursework and in-person training).

When you pursue a certification course, you gain a whole host of relevant skills. A Certified Consulting Hypnotist learn:

  • History of Hypnosis
  •  Suggestibility Tests
  • Client Assessment
  • Principles of Hypnosis
  • Depth Stages of Hypnosis
  • Induction and Dehypnotization Techniques
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Deepening and Relaxation Techniques
  • Self Hypnosis Techniques
  • Discussion of a Specific Method for Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, Pain Control
    and Stop Smoking
  • Laws and Ethics
  • Scope of Practice
  • Advanced Methods
  • Rapid Inductions
  • Age Regression
  • Catalepsy or Similar Hypnotic Phenomenon

Certified Consulting Hypnosis Students will be working to:

  • Demonstrate expertise in the subconscious mind
  • Personalize hypnosis to help clients reach goals
  • And utilize in-depth hypnotherapy techniques for stress relief, addiction, weight loss and much more

Are you ready to start the journey?   Call  570-352-3048 or 570-253-0745 to reserve your spot. If you host at your location, you will get one free person certified as a hypnotist free of charge! Minimum class size is ten students.

Hypnosis Certification Class Fee

$1599 per person