Coaching Programs

ONLINE COACHING using Video Chat or Phone Available

The coaching programs we offer can be used after a hypnosis session or alone as coaching.  Through these programs, you will have a one-on-one partner in achieving your goals.  Coaching will keep you accountable and working towards your goals.

As the coach, I guide you to get your own answers through self-discovery exercises and goal planning we do together.  In between our sessions you take action steps towards your goals.  The emphasis is on the positive and feeling empowered to achieve what you want.  We work through challenges and use your strengths to move forward.

One important difference with coaching and hypnosis is the approach I take to work with you.  Hypnosis is usually to achieve short-term goals.  Coaching will be more long-term and interactive.  Coaching sessions require a commitment of twelve weeks for positive change.  The sessions are one half hour per week for twelve weeks.    Use coaching for more long-term support:  Weight Reduction, Smoking Cessation , Building Self-Confidence, Stress Management, Public Speaking and more, depending upon your personal goals.

What Goals Can I Achieve With a Coach?

  • Identify goals and clarify your vision for success
  • Create professional and personal growth plans
  • Identify limiting beliefs
  • Work toward independence
  • Obtain a good balance between work and home life
  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Excel in your career
  • Start a new business or grow an existing one
  • Manage an important life transition
  • Establish core values

What is a coach and how does it work? A coach is someone trained to help you to maximize your potential and reach your desired goals. A coach can help you to develop an actionable plan to achieve your desired outcome. First, we work to define your vision and establish the driving force behind your desire to achieve. Then we work together to identify negative thoughts and self-talk that may be holding you back. We look at your past patterns and the ways in which we can navigate through the blocks to your success. Together we set challenging, but achievable goals.

Can children benefit from coaching too? Yes! Effective coaching can help young children begin to develop some of the personal skills that will aid them as they grow and mature.

  • Twelve Consecutive Week Program
  • Each session is one-half hour in person or video chat
  • Two short telephone calls per month
  • Unlimited emails

Twelve weeks of half-hour sessions are ONLY $750

(That’s a savings of $150 off the individual session fee of $75!)

To get started, please call (570) 352-3048.