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Easy Exercise

With an exercise program you may start, please use your best judgement. And if you have concerns, make sure you check with a medical professional before embarking on any exercise program. There’s the disclaimer.

A few years ago, I had an operation. That’s not always easy for someone who wants to exercise. It took me some time to find a program that wasn’t high impact because that was tough for me for a long time. I found a wonderful woman in Philly that does a walking program. Even if you do other forms of exercise…or do nothing….WALK! It’s a good addition or a good start to you moving.

And it has so many benefits for body, mind and spirit.

Here’s a video from Leslie Sansone (you are going to LOVE her), who has a wonderful walking program. . You can also see her on YouTube video by searching her name. The video is about 15 minutes in length, but there are more.

SO….visit us once a day for your walk OR choose one of your own. But get out there…or really stay inside and still get in your WINTER WALK!

Got 20 minutes? Give yourself the gift of walking exercise…inside! Click on the picture to go to a video.

Don’t tell me you can’t find twenty minutes for yourself! Do it anytime and anywhere! Even during home isolation!

Do you or someone else need to exercise, but have trouble getting motivated? Our hypnosis EXERCISE MOTIVATION session is a great option! Call 570 352 3048 for an appointment!

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