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Group Coaching

Group Coaching sessions can be in-person at my office or by online video chat.

Each participant finds that the likelihood of reaching or surpassing his/her desired goals is significantly enhanced through a group coaching experience. This accomplishment is due to the energy created, experience, ideas and solutions shared, as well as the support provided through the group. It is much easier to stretch one’s self and make progress with a group than on one’s own. Participants hold each other accountable for commitments to participate, take action, stretch, grow and reach their personal and professional goals.

The Role of the Coach

Similar to individual coaching, the coach’s role in a group coaching program is to partner with group members in a thought-provoking and creative process focused on learning, inquiry and exploration. This process is designed to support everyone as they find clarity, make changes, develop goals, make connections and insights, and take action toward where they want to be.

Unlike individual coaching, sometimes the coach can make use of the shared learning experience to enhance coaching. The group coaching environment allows individuals to share their own experiences and perspectives, which can serve as learning opportunities for the rest of the group. Likewise, group members can engage in discussions with one another about certain concepts they may be struggling with.

Is Group Coaching Right for You?

The decision to participate in a group coaching program is personal. Group coaching is perfect for some people, while individual coaching might be better for others.

Group sessions require a minimum of five participants. You can put together a group of participants who know one another or you can join with others. The maximum for our groups are fifteen participants. You can visit the Classes & Workshops page for dates. Or contact us at 570 352 3048 to schedule your group.

  • Smoking Cessation, 8 Weekly Sessions
  • Weight Management, 12 Weekly Sessions
  • Stress Management, 8 Weekly Sessions
  • Anxiety, 8 Weekly Sessions
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem, 8 Weekly Sessions
  • Self-Hypnosis, 4 Weekly Sessions
  • Children Stress Management, 8 Weekly Sessions

Click here for dates and times of GROUP COACHING sessions or call (570) 352 3048 to talk about group coaching.

Group Session Fee $50 per session

Group Coaching is paid in full one week prior to start of first session. Payment arrangements may be made in the form of weekly payments, but requires a subscription payment contract.

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