Healing Work

Do you feel like you need to heal past hurts and pain? Your healing work is personal, but there are many tools used to help you move past the negativity. Some healing services we work with:

  • Hypnosis:  You can use hypnosis in healing ways such as:  healing a past memory, find a resolution, let go of negativity, release attachment to a person or thing and more.
  • Coaching:  When you see only obstacles, your coach can help you with options to change your perspective.
  • Past Life Exploration: Many people find explanations and resolutions to issues in this life with information acquired in a past life exploration.
  • Spirit Releasement:  Release attachment of earthbound entities.
  • EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique:   This works at the physical, mental and emotional level to heal emotional stress, traumatic experiences and suppressed feelings.
  • Coaching from a Christian Perspective: Bible-based discussions and coaching.

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