How It Works

Hypnosis Visits

Hypnosis visits can be used for personal life challenges like smoking cessation, weight reduction, stress management, nail biting, worries, anxiety symptoms, sports improvement, focus, concentration, and much more.  In the initial visit, we discuss your reasons for a hypnosis session, as well as other details about the challenge and what you would like to achieve.

You also learn about hypnosis (if you haven’t already experienced it) and how it will help you.  You receive a recording for reinforcement.  Generally speaking, hypnosis is intended for a few sessions (per challenge).  But you can schedule as many as you want.

If you want additional coaching, motivation and accountability, Coaching sessions (see below) are very effective for keeping you goal-oriented and on track.

Coaching Sessions

Just like hypnosis, coaching has success in mind for achieving your goals.  It is more about you finding your own answers as I guide you than hypnosis, which has an intended outcome.  (Like ending a habit you no longer want or developing a new habit.)  Coaching can be used alone or with hypnosis.

Coaching sessions are about our organizing thoughts, establishing goals and setting up a plan of action.  The focus is on you feeling empowered to achieve.  We also work with your weaknesses or challenges when they impede your success.  In short, coaching is a longer-term partnership between coach and client to get you to where you want to go.  Clients say this experience has helped them to achieve milestones in their self-improvement, personal life and career,

Online Video Chat Sessions

You don’t have to be an advanced computer user to access online video chat sessions.  It’s easy!  All you need is a camera and microphone on your computer.  After we schedule, I send you a link.  After you click on it, we can talk to one another and have a session, similar to you sitting opposite me in the office.

This is a great option for those who are far from our office, who like the comfort of their own home, who have scheduling challenges, babysitter issues, weather and more.  Keep in mind you will need to schedule your session in advance.  

Online Self-Improvement Courses (Using Zoom)

We have developed a series of online self-development courses that you can join from anywhere. They tackle real-life challenges and encourage and empower you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Telephone & Email Programs

Our telephone and email programs are designed with convenience in mind.  Just like video chat sessions, telephone sessions are useful for scheduling, travel time and weather issues, as well as distance from the office.  The telephone and email programs offer an added bonus of discounted prices.

Audio Recordings

CUSTOMIZED:  It’s as easy as filling out a form…and you will have a customized hypnosis recording to achieve the results you want.   I also like to speak to you prior to recording, but it is not necessary to get your customized audio recording sent to your email box.  Remember NOT to use it while driving or operating machinery.

PRE-RECORDED:  Purchase any of the pre-recorded hypnosis audios for your benefit.  Upon purchase, you have access to your recording.  Remember NOT to use it while driving or operating machinery.

 Healing Work

Sometimes we need to heal our form of negativity in order to move forward.  If you are in emotional or physical pain, feel guilty, sad, angry, frustrated, etc, you may find some relief with healing work.  Holding onto bad feelings limits your happiness and holds you back from your full potential. Some healing services we work with:

  • Hypnosis:  You can use hypnosis in healing ways such as:  healing a past memory, find a resolution, let go of negativity, release attachment to a person or thing and more.
  • Coaching:  When you see only obstacles, your coach can help you with options to change your perspective.
  • Past Life Exploration: Many people find explanations and resolutions to issues in this life with information acquired in a past life exploration.
  • Spirit Releasement:  Release attachment of earthbound entities.
  • EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique:   This works at the physical, mental and emotional level to heal emotional stress, traumatic experiences and suppressed feelings.

Self-Directed Coaching Programs

Coming soon!

You have one life to live, so why not make it the best it can be?  Open your mind to the possibilities!