Live Life After Smoking

Often when clients come into my office, they are concerned with eating more or gaining weight once they quit. We can give suggestions to eat healthy, but you should also be thinking in terms of healthy eating all the time. Take advantage of the many healthful benefits of smoking cessation. The smoking habit actually dulls… Read More Live Life After Smoking

Success Coach

General Self-Improvement

We all have things we would like to improve about ourselves. Take action and work towards your personal goals by making an appointment with us. It will start you on the road to what you want to achieve.

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Children’s Issues

Sometimes the world can be a big, stressful place to a child. Factor in our fast-paced lifestyles, technology and more pressure academically and socially. Sometimes they just don’t understand how to deal with the pressure and haven’t developed effective coping skills. And often they lack the ability to communicate or understand how they are feeling.… Read More Children’s Issues

Success Coach


Do you lack focus and direction? Are you easily distracted? Is procrastination a problem? Do you lack confidence in your abilities? Do you have the tools for success, but not the drive? Would you benefit from being accountable to someone? Have you recently lost your motivation for a goal or project? Are you beliefs in… Read More Motivation