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Tina Pineiro Life Solutions Academy offer you a hypnosis training certification so you can use hypnosis with friends and family, start your professional career as a hypnotist or add to your present skill set. This is a truly unique experience. You will be prepared to become a hypnotist, as well as preparation on how to market your new business.

Your instructor, Tina Pineiro, is an experienced hypnotist and trainer, who will use learning and hypnosis techniques designed for your personal success.  Tina is a hypnotist, instructor and coach who has spent years researching and using healing modalities to help heal others and herself.  She views this program as something to acquire a skill set, but to also bring self-awareness to those who truly want to discover who they are and become aware of a higher purpose. The program is enlightening during the training, but continually brings more personal wisdom and empowerment afterward to the person who is serious about moving forward in life.

Tina is very knowledgeable about technology, websites and marketing hypnosis. She felt so very passionate about helping hypnotists succeed that she formed a company that offers a very affordable website service to clients that offers support, guidance and her expertise.

Even though marketing today needs use and knowledge of technology, she still maintains that one-on-one rapport that is essential for building relationships with customers and potential customers.  She also offers coaching after the initial program as an additional supplement to her programs.

The hypnosis training certification is one that will bring clarity of mind, and self-confidence to those who open their hearts to the experience.  There is no other program like it and your life will truly never be the same.

This is a ten-day training course, with training VIA online video chat (she will teach you to use zoom). The ten days are broken up into two parts with five days each or consecutive weekends.   At the end of the training course, you will take a final exam. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate.

Who can take the training and become a hypnotist? Anyone who has a desire to learn and there are no prerequisites. It can be used alone or with an existing license as a complementary study. Dentists, social workers, chiropractors, therapists, nurses and other medical professionals are always welcome. Everyone who wants to know hypnosis for business or personal use is welcome!

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