Life Coaching

Life brings us challenges.  There will be constant change in our lives.  That you can depend on.  I can help you navigate through the stress and life challenges.  Using the Law of Attraction, we can then set you on the road to achieving your goals.

How do we navigate the challenges and embrace the change?  How do we strive for our best and see the challenges as temporary roadblocks and the change as positive?

Life challenges and changes can bring about negative emotions and feelings.  Life coaching can help you to navigate through your life with greater ease.  You can learn to see things through your strengths instead of through your weaknesses.  You can learn a great deal about yourself and use compassion and love to guide you through.  Life coaching is more about your self-awareness and learning what brings out the best in you.

Best of all, you have a partner, your life coach, to help you to make sense and guide you in the direction of reaching your true potential.

If you are ready to choose a path of self-discovery and growth, then contact us for a life coaching appointment.  Attract the positive circumstances and the life you want to lead.

Life Coaching Session Fees:  $150 per hour

Three Month Monthly Package
Includes 12 one-hour weekly video or phone calls, unlimited emails, 3 short five-minute calls
$500 per month for 3 months

Six Month Monthly Package
Includes 24 one-hour video or phone sessions, unlimited emails and 6 short five-minute calls
$450 per month for 6 months

One Year Monthly Package
Includes 52 one-hour video or phone sessions, unlimited emails and 12 short five-minute calls
$400 per month for 12 months

Group Sessions (groups limited to 10)
$240 per month

Email Only Coaching
Includes coaching availability via email and live messenger sessions
$50 per month

The solution is here....CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE!  Move Towards Your Personal Best!

True potential