Mommy and Me

Individuals have habits.  Families have habits.  Are you in the "habit" of being stressed?  How do you deal with stress?  How does your child deal with stress?

Young children do not always have the ability to identify or express their own feelings of stress. They struggle with their own emotions and they pick up on their parents tension. The American Psychology Association noted that 39% of children feel sad and worried when their parents are stressed. Often a stressed out child can be detected when a teacher or parent observes changes in a child’s behavior.

If you think your child is stressed, the main thing to look for is a change in behavior.  Recurring melt-downs, sleeping problems or nightmares, clingy behavior, refusal to go to school, acting younger than their age, bed-wetting, stomachaches and headaches are signals that your child may be experiencing too much stress.

Our Mommy and Me or Daddy and Me classes are focused on activities that develop new, positive habits.  Along with Mommy and Daddy, your child will engage in activities that will help alleviate stress or help cope better with challenges that come our way.

Parents learn about stress and the ways in which they can help their children deal with stress. Regular fun life activities are used to establish good habits to use during stressful times.

A stress free kid today will be a happier, healthier adult tomorrow!

Intended for children ages 6 to 10.  Please have one adult for each child.


Classes held 3:30 to 4:30 every Thursday.  Call us to register.  $15 per Parent & Child