Why would you use motivation?

  • For athletic performance
  • To achieve personal goals like exercise motivation
  • To have a better life experience
  • To achieve career goals like performance or promotions
  • To fulfill your life’s purpose
  • Because you’ve tried it alone
  • Your beliefs aren’t in alignment with your desires
  • You just don’t feel motivated to achieve your goal anymore

Motivation Explained

Motivation comes from within ourselves. It is our purpose or reason for doing something, whether that’s to launch a business or make changes to our exercise routine.  Motivation for anything  begins comes from our values and beliefs. When you have a strong sense of your personal values and beliefs (kindness towards others, for an example), this forms a basis from which your motivation can grow.

We all have different motivators. For some, they may include having a clear mission, wanting to help others and being inspired. For others, they may include personal power, career success and money. Neither is right nor wrong.  Many people find external motivators like money or perceived success less powerful than internal motivators that work in alignment with values.

An effective motivator that can help all of us is accountability. This means telling someone about your dreams and having them check in with you to see how you’re going.

My Personal Motivation to Be A Success Coach explained:

In my early 20s, I had severe anxiety attacks.  I not only didn’t know what they were, but none of the doctors I visited even suggested a solution to my issues.  I had every anxiety symptom you can find on a site:  TMJ, IBS, heart racing, sweaty palms, shortness of breath and so many more.  Sometimes I couldn’t leave the house and would sit on the couch shaking.  As a young Mom, I knew it that it was a time of my life that I should be enjoying.  Instead I felt sick whether it was a normal day or I was on a vacation.

When I was told over and over that I had no “medical” issue, I had to find something that solved my issue and gave me my life back.   I finally found ways in which to change my life experience.  It was at that time that I promised myself that if I ever was able to completely feel good again, that I would use the things I learned to help others.  I never wanted anyone to experience anything like I did.  I wanted to help them find answers.  That’s my personal motivation.

Reasons you may lack motivation:

  • You’re burnt out
  • You’re anxious or depressed
  • You have negative or limiting self-beliefs
  • You’re procrastinating
  • You’re WHY is unclear

What Hypnosis can do for you:

  • Help you reignite your own motivation
  • Address your obstacles
  • Give you tools to succeed
  • Form clear goals
  • Formulate action steps
  • Help you visualize what a life full of motivation will look like

How does it work?

Our initial visit is to discuss hypnosis and your intended outcome.  After I explain hypnosis and how it works, we do a hypnosis session.  You receive an MP3 for reinforcement.

There are two methods of making a Motivation appointment.  Call Tina at 570-253-0745 or email us.

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