If we are talking about a positive vs a negative mindset, how can we find any good in the corona virus outbreak worldwide, the looming threat of sickness with no vaccine and social distancing/staying at home?

I’m so surprised that faced with something so important as good health, that some people are complaining about being bored and not being able to do what they want. We are all blessed with this life. We all have more than we need, except toilet paper, lol. But if it is recommended that we stay in and practice social distancing, it is our duty to ourselves and everyone out there to do just that, even if it feels inconvenient. Especially when people with no symptoms can infect others.

Death has always been a fact of life. You can choose anything you want in your life, but death is not something we escape. However, we can do things in our lives that make us as safe as possible and as healthy as possible. Think of your own safety, the safety of the ones you love and everyone around us.

We have been graced with MORE than what we need. At this time in life, we can stay home and have access to so many things via the internet and various forms of TV/media. We have access to information, programs, culture, people…that we never had before. Our needs are taken care of….most of us are comfortable, warm, safe, have food, etc. Even if we don’t have what we want, we have what we need. Yet we are missing the OPPORTUNITY to really appreciate all we have and to regroup and take note of what we can improve. This is unprecedented. Don’t miss the opportunity you’ve been given even if it’s feels uncomfortable.

Let’s use our minds in more positive ways and think about the OPPORTUNITIES that are presenting themselves. It’s an opportunity to:

  • Be thankful for what we have and less upset about what we don’t.
  • Think about what really matters in life.
  • Get to “know” our immediate family better.
  • Change the running we are currently calling a life into something more peaceful.
  • Adjust work life to create a better work-life balance.
  • Stop running mindlessly through life and appreciating the small things.
  • Think more about the well-being of others.
  • Reach out using social media or technology.
  • Take your job or business in a new direction.
  • Become more active in your children’s learning.
  • Show love in new ways.
  • Stop destructive behaviors and take better care of yourself.
  • Look at your present routine and adjust for a better life.
  • Take quiet time to get to know yourself better.
  • Learn, learn, learn.
  • Read, read, read.
  • Be creative.
  • Develop something that wasn’t needed before this time.
  • Get to know God better.
  • Practice spirituality.
  • Contemplate why we are here and your purpose in life.
  • Organize and reduce.
  • Be mindful of wasting anything.
  • Be a source of comfort to others.

For some reason, life has given the world these circumstances. What will you do with that opportunity??

Take a virtual tour break….Palace of Versailles.

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