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About Tina

Available for Individual Sessions, Group Sessions & Hypnosis Training
Certifications: NGH Hypnotist & Instructor, Smoking Cessation Hypnosis, Past Life Exploration, Pain and Emergency Hypnosis, Spiritual Care Companion, Life Coach & Group Coaching

I am a Hypnotist, Instructor and Coach who provides in person and online session. The sessions provide personal growth and learning experiences for clients to achieve personal and professional goals.  As a member of the CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Department in the hospital in East Stroudsburg, I worked in the Cancer Center, hospital and ER room with hospital patients who would benefit from guided imagery techniques and energy healing. Little did I know that I would end up being one of the Cancer Center patients years later. Before and after my operation, I utilized my training for my own benefit, really coming full circle and understanding self-care and healing from a new perspective.

With a real affinity towards holistic and alternative care practices as a teenager, I read up on every self-help topic and shopped in health food stores before there ever were stores that catered to health-conscious individuals. That’s why it was so important to me to find ways to deal with my severe anxiety and panic attacks without medication. My doctor agreed, but there was little guidance. Even though my first official hypnosis appointment was for weight management, it was actually those recordings that helped me understand and utilize hypnosis to my advantage when it came to dealing with my stress and anxiety. You actually improve the effectiveness with you understanding and practice.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain

Late in 2019, my husband, Shaun started getting a jabbing pain in his mouth and cheek. We went to our medical doctor and he recommended some nerve pain medication and seeing a dentist. The dentist said the pain would likely go away, but instead it worsened. Over the course of a year and a half we visited medical doctors, had incorrect diagnosis, had a surgery he didn’t need, took incorrect medication until we finally found a neurosurgeon to alleviate the intense pain that he experienced with his Trigeminal Neuralgia diagnosis. After each ineffective visit and one episode of being over medicated, we had to wait weeks for each new doctor or pain management medication change. Every day he utilized self-hypnosis. Sometimes we did EFT or made him recordings or did a live hypnosis session…and sometimes on the phone at lunch. Without hypnosis, self-hypnosis and EFT, he says he would never have made it to the incredible place he is in now. The rest is his story….

About Shaun

Available for Individual and Group Sessions
Specializing in Smoking Cessation, Sports Improvement & TN Pain Management

Shaun is a trained hypnotist since 2014. Lucky thing, too, because when he finally received that diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia, he already was in a great deal of pain. Nicknamed the “suicide disease” the pain is more than you can imagine. Up until this diagnosis, he had no plan to utilize his training for anyone but himself. How things change!

From Shaun:

I was quite athletic as a child and excelled in sports. As an adult, I spent a great deal of time golfing and weight training, when I wasn’t working on my career in construction. Despite being quite active, I was lucky to never have any serious injuries. The diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia caused me to lose a great deal of weight, have chronic pain that kept me awake, in extreme discomfort and often wouldn’t let me talk or eat. The only effective method of managing the intense pain was hypnosis. I would like to share my experience with others in need of pain management. It made an incredible difference until I was able to receive proper treatment.

After many doctor and dental visits, I found an amazing neurosurgeon who corrected the issue during a 5 1/2 hour surgery to separate the artery, vein and blood vessel fusing together and causing the intense pain. If you have received a diagnosis of TN, you have the option of learning about hypnosis so you can better manage your pain during the testing, doctor visits, medication trials and all that comes with trying to find the solution.

So here we are. A dedicated duo of hypnosis professionals with vast personal and professional experiences and a desire to impact lives in a positive way. We work together and separately for the good of our clients. We are located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Contact us with your questions and requests. We understand and we want to help you get through your life challenges and find your solutions. Call us at (570) 352 3048.