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  • Do you believe your soul travels through time and space to reincarnate into another body and another lifetime?
  • Are you experiencing unresolved issues such as fears, traumas and current life issues that you have addressed using other healing modalities?
  • Are you willing to go deep within to seek answers and truth?

Past Life exploration can empower you to release and heal.

Past Life hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that allows healing and communication between our spiritual and earthly self.  This tool can help you fully understand a current issue and to seek closure with the information  that may be revealed.

When a core issue that stems from a previous life is uncovered and resolved the symptoms in this life can disappear or provide information that can be resolved with further energy clearing and shamanic work.

Past Life hypnosis  can assist in healing trauma, pain, illness, fears, habits, addictions, phobias and more.  If there are no physiological or psychology reasons for the issue, past life exploration may uncover energetic memory that is recorded in our cellular structure of a past trauma.

A Past Life session can reveal the “root cause” of a present symptom, injury or chronic illness. For example, a fear of water could be related to a drowning in a past-life. Fears of speaking up may result to a past life in which hiding was needed to remain safe.

Some people come in for a session to have a clearer understanding of their life purpose.  By opening the door to deeper levels of the mind where communication between the spiritual and logical self takes place, we can understand more about our relationship to the universal connection.

How does Past Life Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is used to access memories that are stored as energy in your cellular memory from the beginning of time up until the present. The subconscious mind is not limited by boundaries of (perceived) logic, time or space. After being induced into a trance state, we will ask you open-ended questions to gently guide you into an experience that is right for you. It may take more than one session for you to go deep enough to access a past life.

Is the information during a past life session real?

It is not uncommon for people to question whether they have made up or imagined their experiences while in hypnosis. Regardless of whether you believe the experiences are real or imagined, and whether you believe in the validity of past lives, the goal of the session is symptom relief or healing.

Everyone experiences this in a personal way based on his or her belief system.  It is important to keep an open mind during your session and allow your first impressions or flashes of information to come through. As the session progresses and with practice, images or impressions may become stronger. Be open and be curious. The mind is very powerful and can reveal a lot if you are open to and ready for it.

What will I experience?

When you are instructed by the hypnotist to walk through your present state and into a past life time you may experience one of several different reactions:

  • You may see yourself clearly or you may only see quick impressions
  • You may experience being in another body in another time – living their life
  • You may have a knowing about past information
  • You may hear sounds and feel what is around you
  • You may feel as if someone is telling you what is happening
  • You may not experience anything at in session, but have information revealed in dreams

Can I get stuck in a Past Life? 

No. This is an exercise in remembering by going more deeply into your subconscious mind that is part of you in the present. Your past lives no longer exist so you cannot get stuck in them, just as you cannot get stuck in hypnosis.

If at any time an image or feeling is uncomfortable, you will be able to  or detach from the experience. You are in complete control and will take only what you need to get out of the session for healing and personal growth. You will leave all negative events behind.

It is recommended (but not necessary) that you do an initial introductory hypnosis session if this is your first experience with hypnosis before you do the past life exploration.  Hypnosis gets better as you “practice” it and you may have a better experience when you understand and have experienced the hypnotic state.

Past Life Exploration Session

Initial hypnosis session $200
for approximately 2 hours
of Past Life experience

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