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Pre-Recorded Audio

Hypnosis recordings are an absolutely essential part of my sessions.  The reinforcement of listening for 30 consecutive days helps your subconscious mind to make the change necessary.  Choose from various topics recorded by other hypnotists.

These recordings are $14.95 each. Please indicate desired recording to purchase.

Most Popular Hypnosis Downloads

Addiction Help

Drink Less

Addiction to Pornography

Anti Aging


Accept Your Age

Bad Habits

Stop Jaw Clenching

Blinking Too Much

Children’s Hypnosis

Tantrums in Children

Kids Wet Beds

Easily Upset Child

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Relax with Noise

Unloved As A Child

Communication Skills

Be Funny

Don’t Eat Your Words

Great Listener

Dealing with Difficult People

The Narcissist

Energy Vampires

The Angry Bully

Depression Self Help

Winter Wake Up

Protect Against College Depression

Enjoy Life

Do It Now!

Add Fun to Life

Fun Hypnosis

Happier Times

Cloud Nine

Soar Like an Eagle

Laugh More

Hypnotic Vacation

Grief and Loss

Mend a broken heart

Health Issues

High Blood Pressure

Overactive Bladder Treatment

Reduce Parkinson’s Tremors

Healthy Eating

Overcome Compulsive Eating Disorder

Drink Less Soda

Interpersonal Skills

Dealing with THAT Person

It’s Not Personal

Learning Help

Remember Books

Enjoy Studying

Personal Development

Build a Routine

Money Worries

Personal Fitness

Increase Muscle Strength

Stop Hating Exercise

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Natural Childbirth Hypnosis

Pregnancy Nausea

Increase Fertility

Help Getting Pregnant

Turn a Breech Baby

Sleep Problems

Sleep Quick!

Childlike Sleep

Social Anxiety


Stop Being Self Conscious