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Quit smoking without withdrawals symptoms and without gaining weight. You want to breathe easier, not get winded going up stairs and you’re tired of the inconvenience of figuring out where you can smoke. You want to live longer and be healthier. Those are GREAT reasons to quit and smoking cessation hypnosis is a method that helps you succeed!

How Does Hypnosis Help You Quit Smoking?

In the hypnotic state, your mind is more open to suggestions. The subconscious mind is given suggestions to have a new identity as a non-smoker. Your mind responds to these new suggestions. When listening to a reinforcement recording, you give your subconscious mind the opportunity to form a new habit…the habit of being a non-smoker.

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You’re tired of the cost, smell, embarrassment, hiding your habit, finding a place to smoke, coughing, choking and not being able to breathe, just from walking up the stairs.    Maybe your health has suffered.  Maybe the health of others you love have suffered.  Maybe you are finally disgusted with this senseless and unhealthy habit.   

Whatever the reason, you know you are READY TO QUIT.   What will you do on breaks at work?  FINALLY PURSUE A HEALTHIER LIFE.  YOU WILL KEEP DEADLY POISON OUT OF YOUR BODY…AND OUT OF THE BODY OF LOVED ONES.  YOU WILL BREATHE EASIER, ENJOY FOOD MORE AND SAVE MONEY….and likely, live a longer, healthier life to enjoy with loved ones. 

Second Hand Smoke and YOU 

When asked why clients want to quit smoking, the vast majority of them want to be around for future events and for beloved children and grandchildren.   They also say they are tired of it and tired of feeling unhealthy.   Think of all the people you are around, especially children , that have either breathed in the secondhand smoke, been in a room or closed car with you or have just watched your habit over and over until it feels familiar.  If there is anyone that looks up to you, is the smoking habit something that you want them to be affected by…or emulate? 

Does Hypnosis Work to Quit Smoking? 

Yes, but you will receive optimum results using hypnosis to quit smoking with a positive, committed attitude and the sincere desire to stop smoking. It is important to believe it is possible to quit smoking and really want to achieve it.  If a person has this mindset, hypnosis is very effective.  Those who are serious about quitting tend to do the things recommended in our sessions.  The things I recommend are changing habits and listening to the recording I provide as reinforcement.  Those who are not serious, don’t do anything.  They make no changes and they don’t listen to the hypnotic recording.   You must come with a serious desire to quit the smoking habit!   You certainly can purchase a membership to a gym, but if you don’t go, then nothing will change. 

Stopping smoking is a two part challenge. The first part is to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, which some people may experience.   Hypnosis is highly effective for lessening or eradicating the withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking. 

The second part, which may be a bigger challenge for many people, is dealing with the triggers for smoking.  Examples of the psychological challenges or triggers are if a person automatically lights up a cigarette when they drink a cup of coffee, while driving, drinking or after eating.   They may not be aware of why they do this.  Attaching their smoking habit to another daily habit is an unconscious behavior, produced by the subconscious mind that relates a certain activity strongly with smoking.  In hypnosis, we speak directly to the subconscious mind, where all habits reside.  We give your subconscious mind suggestions to act in new ways that support your desire to be a healthy, non-smoker. 

My Non-Smoker Program 

My program consists of a minimum of TWO sessions.  During the first session, we discuss your reason for quitting, why you smoke and smoking facts.  You commit to quitting and agree to pursue this goal to become a non-smoker for life. During this session, you bring your cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia to discard.  

Session Two is a reinforcement session, where you can discuss any challenges, if any. The session also serves to reinforce your new identity as a non-smoker. It is solution and focus-oriented, reinforcing your commitment to the goal of a new identity as a non-smoker. 

Two Session Non-Smoker Program
Fee: $300
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