It’s time to quit. You are tired of the embarrassment, the cost, the smell. You want to breathe easier, not get winded going up stairs and you’re tired of the inconvenience of figuring out where you can smoke. You want to live longer and be healthier. Those are GREAT reasons to quit and smoking cessation hypnosis is a method that helps you succeed!

Individual Programs to Quit Smoking are in person. The program is interactive with your hypnosis coach. Choose from our two individual quit smoking programs listed below.

How Does Hypnosis Help You Quit?

In the hypnotic state, your mind is more open to suggestions. The subconscious mind is given suggestions to have a new identity as a non-smoker. Your mind responds to these new suggestions. When listening to a reinforcement recording, you give your subconscious mind the opportunity to form a new habit…the habit of being a non-smoker.

You can also join one of our SMOKING CESSATION GROUP HYPNOSIS events.
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Total Habit Replacement Coaching

This is an in person, interactive program to stop the smoking habit. In order for you to change your smoking habit, this program emphasizes the shift from the habit of being a smoker to the habit of becoming a non-smoker. This options has recordings to listen to and requires you follow the program exactly. Does this sound like a program made for you?

Smoking Taper Off Coaching

This is an in person, interactive experience. Some people, especially those who smoke more than a pack, benefit from a withdrawal program. The program requires one session for every five cigarettes you currently smoke and allows you to taper off. There is also a required initial session and wrap up session at the end.

Two Sessions
  • Two sessions at
    the regular price!
Four Sessions
  • You SAVE $100
    off the regular price!
Six Sessions
  • You SAVE $300
    off the regular price!
Eight Sessions
  • You SAVE $600
    off the regular price!

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