Building Self-Confidence and Positive Self-Esteem

  • Are you holding yourself back in life due to low self esteem?
  • Do you stop yourself from taking advantage of opportunities, experiences?
  • Does success feel out of reach, even though you are capable?
  • Do you ever catch yourself putting yourself down with negative internal dialogue?
  • Do you spend a lot of time in your head....worrying, thinking, wishing, worrying what others think of you or regretting?
  • Are you worried that you can't change?
  • Or simply are at a loss as to how to increase your confidence and live the life you really want to?

Self-confidence hypnosis can bring you life changing results. That is because self-confidence is more important to your success and happiness than your looks, your education, your intelligence or your relationships. Self-confidence hypnosis is not about changing who you are but how you see yourself and what to do to bring out your very best.

Self-confidence is a feeling that comes from a picture you have of yourself in your mind...not a visual picture, but rather an idea of who you are. Where did that concept of YOU come from? From your life experiences, your perceptions of people and events, opinions about you based on outside circumstances from people who probably don't know all about you. With all of your experiences, you can decide who you are based on outside circumstances. Only when you embrace the real you can you learn to love yourself and feel confident about who you are.

True self-confidence comes from within. Many people think that they are what they do or what they have. Based on that way of thinking those people believe that if they did something wrong then they become worthless. Those people feel confident as long as they are loved and appreciated but as soon as they fall out of favor, even if it wasn't their mistake, they lose their self-confidence.

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