Hypnosis and Coaching Sessions

Our services are available for individuals and groups in or around the Honesdale, PA area. Hypnosis Training and group programs can also be scheduled ONLINE using ZOOM.

Groups, Online and In Person

You can enjoy the online group experience from the comfort of your own home or office, while saving on an individual appointment! For group pricing and dates, please visit our EVENTS page. For information about in person groups, please call 570 352 3048.

Individuals, Online and In Person Fee Schedule

Individual sessions are $175 per session with a two session minimum.  Individual sessions are online, by telephone and in person at either Stroudsburg or Honesdale. There are multi-session discounts available below.

For in-person group sessions, please visit the EVENTS page.

Two Individual Sessions$350
Four Individual Sessions$600
Six Individual Sessions$750
Eight Individual Sessions$800

How do ONLINE sessions and training work?

For those of you who have never experienced them, they are quite personal and interactive. Of course there will be plenty of information that you will receive from me, but you will also be able to interact with everyone. I have given and taken courses and facilitated groups online and find it to be wonderful. It’s so much more convenient for travel time, scheduling, sitters, etc.

We use Zoom, which is easy to use. After you reserve your spot in our class, you receive an email with details on how to use it and the link to our class or session. Just click on the link the day of the first session at the appropriate time. If this is your first time, leave about 10-15 minutes lead time before the scheduled time to set it up. You will get detailed instructions in your email.

For telephone sessions, you will call the number sent to you at the time of the appointment.


Create lifestyle and habit changes that aid you with weight reduction and management. Our Weight Management Coaching program will have you thinking and acting in new ways. Choose from individual sessions or group sessions.


Learn to manage your stress and find new coping skills to use in your personal and professional life. There is no need to just accept it or to use negative coping skills. Create new strategies with our coaching. Choose from individual sessions or group sessions.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Even if you have felt very confident at certain times or in some situations, events can rock your confidence and decrease self-esteem. Learn solutions. Choose from individual sessions or group sessions.

Anxiousness & Worry

Are you in a constant state of worry? You can use strategies that keep you from worrying and feeling anxious all the time. Take control of your thoughts and your life! Choose from individual sessions or group sessions.

Do you have additional topics you want to ask about with regard to hypnosis? Please call (570) 352 3048 with your questions and inquiries.