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Stop Smoking Group Hypnosis

Maybe you have been to or heard of one of those group hypnosis workshops. You go to a hotel and they make a speech and then try and sign people up. This isn’t that experience. Our Stop Smoking Group Hypnosis workshop helps you to become a non-smoker, then supports you to form new habits as a Non-Smoker.

Are you ready to breathe easier, taste your food, stop your car and clothes and hair from smelling like cigarettes? Ready to leave behind that nasty yellow stain on your fingers? Want to be free of and the cost of the habit? Or just want to feel healthier and happier? Group Smoking Cessation Hypnosis is there for you!

You can quit free of withdrawal symptoms in a supportive environment. And you can become a non-smoker and remain a non-smoker with our comprehensive hypnosis program!

SEE what happens when you quit at the American Cancer Society Site!

This 3-week group hypnosis event is for the person eager to change from a smoker to a NON-SMOKER. The first session will prepare you for the hypnosis recording session you will listen to. This is an interactive group workshop at our location or on zoom.  At the end of your three weeks you will have tools and trick to remain a non-smoker and deal with any stress that comes your way.

Best of all, this group session is the same price as one individual session!

Quit Smoking for Good Hypnosis Workshop

Week One: You Become a Non-Smoker

Week Two: Reinforce Your New Identity as a Non-Smoker

Week Three: Stress Management for the Non-Smoker

ONLY $150

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