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Take Action: Be a Non-Smoker

Other ways to support your choice to quit smoking:

  • MAKE IT OFFICIAL:  Set a public deadline for your new goal.  If you made an appointment,  share the event with your loved ones, friends and coworkers.  Allow them to support and encourage you.
  • MAKE IT INCONVENIENT:  Change the habits that are attached to your smoking habit.  If you smoke the most in your car, make it inconvenient and take away the perceived pleasure by putting the cigarettes in the trunk.  And leave your lighter home.
  • MAKE IT A BONDING EXPERIENCE:  Challenge someone else to pursue a healthier life by quitting with you.  Support one another and find better ways in which to spend your time.  Hike.  Fish.  Take a walk.  Tell everyone how you quit together!

Ready to QUIT FOR GOOD?  Take the first step today.

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