The Mission

How would you benefit from more self-confidence, a more positive outlook on life, stopping the smoking habit, losing weight (so you feel good!) or learning to better manage your stress? My job is to teach you to develop and use tools to move forward in your life.  My programs are about independence and developing real life skills to use for the future….YOUR future! Stress, worry, smoking, weight and other issues will arise during our lives.  How we react and what we do will determine our life experience.  Learn to use your personal power to get the life of your dreams.

Even if you have acquired negative habits in the past to deal with stress, pressure and life in general…you CAN make changes. It’s never too late and you are worth the effort. It might even be easier than you think.

What do you want to improve in your life?  What personal changes do you want to make?  You have more answers…and abilities…than you realize.  Let’s partner towards your success.

Why do I want to work with you? Knowledge is power. When I didn’t know what anxiety was…or how to deal with it, I did not where to go or what to do. It completely stopped me from living and got in the way of my dreams and goals. Once I understood, it was easier to take action and move forward. At that time, I promised myself that I would dedicate my work to helping others.

So here’s my collection of services and products that meet just about every need, every budget and every goal. I welcome your feedback.

My Mission Statement: To humbly serve my Lord by having a profound impact on all people I encounter, motivating them to seek positive change and helping them to feel empowered and hopeful in life.

Feel Empowered, Focused, Successful

Is it time to control anxiety  instead of it controlling you?

Do you want to stop worrying all the time?

Ready to Quit Smoking?

Tired of you and your car smelling like a stale ashtray?

Do you want to reduce your weight and feel good in your skin again?

How about feeling good in your clothes?  And looking in the mirror?

Do you know there are better ways to manage stress?

Did you realize that you likely don’t know how to relax?

Are you burnt out in your job?

Do you want to love what you do?  And feel good everyday?

Do you need more focus to excel in your sport?

Do you know the simple technique that can help you to focus?

Is your self-talk negative?

Are you surrounded by negative circumstances ?

Is procrastination an issue?

Do you take more time trying to avoid something when you can just get it done?

Do you sleep well?

Do you wake up feeling rested?

Is low confidence keeping you from achieving at work?

How about in life?

Do you have a fear like spiders, driving, bridges, etc?

Are phobias keeping you from doing anything?

Do you bite your nails or other bad habit you want to rid yourself of?

Are  you ready to move yourself forward?

Do you have a goal to achieve?  The first step is yours. We’re waiting for your call.
Call 570 352 3048 and leave a message if we are working with someone else.