Video Chat Appointments

You can have your hypnosis and/or coaching appointments on your computer in your own home or office.  Some clients find video chat easier because they live a long distance away, have no travel time, don’t have to get a babysitter or just personal preference.  You can be as comfortable as you want in your own setting.  Video chat is easy with your own computer, tablet or smart phone.  We use video chat for hypnosis and coaching sessions.  

You will need a computer or tablet that has a microphone and a camera.  You can also use a smartphone.  We schedule our sessions with zoom, but we are flexible when someone is more comfortable using another service.  You will get an email with a link to your session after we schedule.  Click on the link about 5 minutes to your scheduled  appointment and the computer will download what it needs for the session.  You don’t have to have any additional  technical knowledge.  Please note:  You can find the pricing for your hypnosis and coaching sessions under the appropriate headings.  The cost is the same as the in-person session.

Scheduling a video chat appointment is easy. Please call (570) 352 3048 or email us and we will arrange your appointment. You can also use the button below to book your appointment online.