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Where’s the Magic?

You’ve always loved magic. As a kid you were fascinated and watched everything that came across your path. You visited the local shop and bought some little tricks anytime you had the opportunity.

On your trip to Las Vegas for a special birthday, your friend surprises you with tickets to Criss Angel Mindfreak and you are on a cloud. Even though you are an adult, you are still fascinated and can’t wait to see the show.

Is magic real? Are those entertainers magical people with special gifts and talents that are far beyond those of mortal men and women? As an adult, you understand the “magic” but you allow yourself to be amazed at the show. You know these are elaborate tricks that are set up to entertain you, but still a small part of you may even want to think that it’s real.

Is hypnosis real? That’s a question I get often. Yes, but sometimes people expect magic and a magician. Although I am trained and can even cross over into somewhat entertaining if the situation called for it, I am not a magician by any means. And hypnosis is NOT magic either. It is a real state experienced by people every day. Often it helps the people sitting in my chair to think of it in terms of being magical. I explain it and that choice is up to them.

In terms of magic…people often want a magic pill that they swallow and it makes everything work…like dissolving 50 pounds or making you quit smoking instantly. They want it to happen yesterday and so magic is appealing, but not very realistic. To me, anything that creates a space for us to feel better and helps us to pursue our goals, or eat better or stop destructive habits can be thought of as “magical.”

But even that “magic” comes with action steps. They must make the effort to come, to go to complete a session, to open their minds to new possibilities, to listen to the recording they receive after the initial visit. They must want the “change” or growth to take place and believe that their life can be different in the way they want. They must be committed to their goal and take action steps toward the goal. Listening to a recording with the appropriate information based on their current mindset and the goals they want to achieve, helps them to attain those goals. The recording and the session often replaces their negative recordings in their mind or helps with outdated and antiquated beliefs to allow for the opportunity for change. Still not magic, but a good tool to help them get where they want to go!

A very nice woman came to my office expecting such magic. She expected something to happen, but she didn’t know exactly what. She was surprised by the simplicity, but wasn’t yet up to the effectiveness part. I can assure you that magic happens, but hypnosis is not magic. I am no magician. I’m funny, silly and have a corny sense of humor. I am an awesome teacher and good hypnotist coach, but I am not a magician.

Time and time again, the expectation is there from the things they see on TV and in the movies. And time and time again, I explain that it is a show and, therefore, they take liberties and they entertain. You may not see things that happen…or the subjects involved are excited to be a part of a show, but it is NOT magic. And the hypnotists on stage and in movies are not magicians. I know some of them personally. Some of them aren’t even as funny as me, lol.

So where’s the magic? How does it happen? How does change take place that otherwise may not occur without it? Gladly I explain in my sessions and on the phone how it allows…or assists you to make changes. How the mind works isn’t really magic either, although it can be fascinating and rather complex.

The magic is actually…YOU. The magic is your anticipation and expectation. The magic is your hope of new things. The magic, for hypnosis, is bringing out your your spark, your potential….or at least a piece. The magic is allowing a space where you believe and then pursue a vision of you that is different from your current perception. My job is bringing out your best. My tools include hypnosis. But the real magic is fulfilling the purpose your Creator has for you. My purpose is helping you find your magic. And the magic happens when you get to make a change that opens up a whole new world to you!

Hypnosis IS not magic, but it reaches the magic in you.

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