Winter Exercise

Here it is…winter. It’s been cold and we have a bit of snow. Lots of places don’t have sidewalks. Walking on snow and ice isn’t easy and we tend to stay in more…and be more sedentary. People need to exercise…to move around.

Some people love the outdoors in the cold weather. I’m not really one of them. So in order to live here in Northeastern PA and the surrounding areas, you have to make winter exercise important and a priority. Exercise benefits you in many ways. All ages and all abilities. Winter exercise doesn’t have to be terrible…or expensive….or a chore. It can be fun, if you put your mind to it.

With an exercise program you may start, please use your best judgement. And if you have concerns, make sure you check with a medical professional before embarking on any exercise program. There’s the disclaimer.

A few years ago, I had an operation. That’s not always easy for someone who wants to exercise. It took me some time to find a program that wasn’t high impact because that was tough for me for a long time. I found a wonderful woman in Philly that does a walking program. Even if you do other forms of exercise…or do nothing….WALK! It’s a good addition or a good start to you moving.

And it has so many benefits for body, mind and spirit.

Every day I’m going to post another video from Leslie Sansone (you are going to LOVE her), who has a wonderful walking program. There is a limit to the amount of videos she made, so you will see some of the same videos. You can also see her on YouTube video by searching her name. The videos I will include are 15 to 30 minutes in length, but there are more.

SO….visit us once a day for your walk OR choose one of your own. But get out there…or really stay inside and still get in your WINTER WALK!

Got 20 minutes? Give yourself the gift of walking exercise…inside!

Don’t tell me you can’t find twenty minutes for yourself! Do it anytime and anywhere!

Yes, I will be walking too…no matter the weather!

Other local ideas for walking:

  • On a nice day…how about a few walks around Honesdale Park?
  • Walk up one side of Main Street and down another
  • Plenty of people walk down East and West Streets
  • Go to Apple Grove and walk around (until they bring the snow in)
  • Go to Salvation Army and walk around a few times
  • Go up to Walmart and walk inside or outside in the parking lot
  • Talk your dog to the dog park and walk
  • Walk up and down a set of steps a few times
  • Get some exercise equipment in your house: treadmill, bicycle, etc
  • Walk with an accountability partner…invite someone over and walk together
  • Put on a video of a place you would like to visit (beach, tropical paradise, Italy, etc) and walk while you watch
  • Put on your fav TV show and walk

Any other ideas? Walk! Of course…always be careful….

Be creative and get in your daily WINTER WALK!
Let’s get moving!