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Winter Walking in NEPA

Winter doesn’t really motivate me to walk outside. It motivates me to warm up my car from the kitchen and then get in it. I may even think momentarily about how it feels to be in Florida. But no…walking in the cold never crosses my mind.

Walking is great exercise for the body. But it’s also great for the mind…and a great stress reliever. So what do you do if you love to walk, but you don’t really enjoy the cold? How about walking IN your home?

I found this great walking exercise program on YouTube. I was looking for videos that were low impact. All the other videos really seemed to be too much for me since my operation. So I needed some form of walking exercise for the days I couldn’t or didn’t want to go outside. It can rain a lot here too!

So I’m issuing a WINTER WALK CHALLENGE to everyone who lives here. Don’t do without your walks. Walk inside. Visit the website and do the video every day. Walk, exercise and feel good. And…you might even get to like the characters on the video. I know I do.

Walking in winter will keep you moving and feeling good.

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